Stilt man

Stilt-Man (Upgraded)

Wilbur Day was a scientist who was employed by Carl Kaxton, who invented a hydraulic ram device. Wilbur stole Kaxton's designs and used them to engineered a pair of extremely long, telescopic metal legs with the assistance of Melvin Potter, which allowed him to tower high over the ground. He later took the name Stilt Man and became a regularly hired accomplice of Kingpin.

Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

  • Stilt-Man Suit: If the lower portion of the legs were damaged, they could be detached. However, doing so decreased the height they could reach, due to the loss of the telescopic segments in that section.His armored suit's telescoping legs could extend up to 290 feet; silicon coating resisted adhesives such as Spider-Man's webbing; Augmented strength.

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