Stinger-armored up!

James Valkon was a legitimate businessman who became tired of playing by the rules while watching others get rich and powerful. He invested all of his money into weapons from AIM, including the vibratory shocker, a sleep inducing stinger, and the vibro-generator which made the user invisible. As the Stinger, Valkon tried to kidnap Tony Stark due to his wealth and popularity as Iron Man, and sell his armor to the highest bidder. However Iron Man was backed up by Black Panther, who along with the Beast and the Vision, managed to defeat James and lock him away in the Vault.

This did not last long as the HYDRA faction led by Baron Zemo was looking to recruit Valkon to their Masters Initiative.

Abilities Edit

James's gadgets allow him to portray superhuman abilities that resemble:

  • Invisibility
  • Super Strength

Equipment Edit

  • AIM Modified ICER: James's primary weapon is a modified version of the ICER gun which was designed to last longer and to leave a sting.