Stranger while in his energy form in armor

The Stranger is an ancient energy being that usually manifests itself as an elderly humanoid scientist. His origins are connected to those of the Living Tribunal as, long ago, he once constituted an aspect of its being, which the Tribunal expelled from itself because the Stranger kept it from interacting with the rest of the universe. Thus, the Stranger represents the missing fourth face of the three-faced Tribunal.

Well suited to his name, the only time the Stranger's agenda was clear was when he joined forces against Thanos during the interstellar struggle for the Infinity Gauntlet.

The chest insignia on his armor is that of the bull's horned head, as it represents his stubborn insistence on keeping to his own goals and of the formidable cosmic strength at his disposal.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Cosmic and psionic powers rivalling those of Galactus.

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Alternate Stranger Design
Stranger (MCU)

The Stranger in his true energy being form