Sol Brodstroke's true origins are a mystery but it is known that he was a mercenary hired by HYDRA to test a new armor that their business partner, AIM, managed to create. The HYDRA cell Sol reported to was under Baron Strucker, and shortly after the suit was equipped and ready for beta testing, the Avengers were caught on radar, heading straight for Sokovia. In order to protect his research, Strucker ordered Sol to bring down the Avengers Quinjet using his new armor.

Once Sol flew to the Quinjet, the Avengers had to land a few miles out of Sokovia while Thor and Iron Man fought Sunstroke. Before Sunstroke could strike a blow to Iron Man's armor, Hulk transformed and ripped Sunstroke's armor open. Captain America then pulled Sol out of the suit and left him tied to a tree while leaving him for the authorities to pick him up while the Avengers took down Strucker.

After the battle was done and Stucker's HYDRA cell was rendered inert, Sol was locked up along with many of Strucker's agents. He, along with some of the others, were later broken out of the prison transport by the Crimson Cowl, who recruited them into the Masters of Evil division of HYDRA under her and Baron Zemo. Sol also recieved a new armor which had been upgraded from the original.

Abilities Edit

Sunstroke Suit: Edit

Sunstroke wears a suit which enables him to possesses superhuman strength, agility, and durability. The suit draws most of its power via:

  • Solar Energy Absorption: Sunstroke's suit absorbs solar energy and channels it for a variety of effects, such as generating blinding flashes and projecting waves of heat. By riding waves of heat, he can fly due to the wings of his suit.