Swarm 2

Swarm by Warspectre

Fritz von Meyer was a HYDRA scientist who used his expertise in cosmic radiation to allow himself to mutate a colony of bees, thus becoming Swarm. As Swarm, Fritz's body was completely evaporated and his mind was implanted into each of the bees meaning his entire body is made of the bees.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Human Hive: Swarm is a composite being of hundreds of thousands of bees driven by a human intelligence. Swarm is technically intangible, as his body is merely an aggregate of tiny forms, and he can fly through the air or assume any shape and size he desires. Swarm can also mentally influence the actions of other bees, the full range of which may extend over hundreds of yards in radius. At first, Swarm seemed capable of only controlling other bees, but he has exhibited the ability to communicate/control other insects as well.

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