Terminus color

Terminus is a creation of the now extinct Terminex. The Terminex race came into conflict with the Celestials and were exterminated. Before they perished, however, they engineered a life form--the Terminus--that would extract their revenge on the Celestials and sent it into space.

The Terminus begins as a microbe (stage 1). When it finds an inhabited planet, native life forms ingest the microbes and change into robot versions of themselves (stage 2). The robots ingest metal and radioactive material, which provide material and fuel to grow into larger robots (stage 3). Several stage 3 robots then merge together to form a Terminus (stage 4). On the rare occasions when two Termini meet, one can ingest the other and become an Ulterminus (stage 5).

The first Terminus took shape on an unknown world. It then embarked on its mission to find inhabited planets and extinguish all life on them. The exact number of planets is unknown but could reach one thousand. After centuries of work Terminus aimed his sights at Earth.

Thanos used the now upgraded Ultron, to hack into the Terminus's net and take full control of him.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Superhuman endurance: Terminus can easily withstand extremes of temperature and pressure, from interstellar space to a planet's core. It can also withstand cosmic-level impacts, such as falling from orbit.
  • Organic metal body: Terminus's outer shell is an organic metal that can resist almost any attack. This metal can repair itself. Once inside, an attacker is besieged by its "immune system," made up of giant insectile organisms.

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