Texas twister

Drew Daniels was born in Amarillo, Texas. He was working at a cattle ranch when a tornado and radiation from a nearby nuclear reactor affected him at the same time. The net effect was to give him the power to generate tornadoes at will, which allowed him to become the super hero Texas Twister.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Tornado Generation: Texas Twister has the psychokinetic ability to accelerate air within a radius of 100 feet from his body, thereby creating a tornado-like mass of swirling wind around him. The largest tornado he can create is approximately 200 feet in diameter; the smallest is approximately 2 inches in diameter. The approximate wind speed he can create is about 225 miles per hour. Such a wind swirling about his body is capable of lifting him off the ground and supporting him in midair. He can control the size of the tornado at will and also project its center to a point outside of his body. He can create miniature tornadoes around his arms, and use them to either enhance his punches, or extend them to push opponents back.
    • Power Adaption: He has various physical abilities enabling him to withstand the rigors of motion inside a tornado, such as denser skin to prevent unwanted heat loss, friction burns, and particle abrasions, enhanced eyesight, and a high degree of resistance to dizziness and motion sickness.