Thanos with several of his generals in the Starfleet

Thanos has acquired a massive army of alien species under his control for him to use to invade other worlds. While he acquires the Infinity Stones for himself to complete the fabled Infinity Gauntlets in his possession. To lead each of his alien starship fleets, Thanos has recruited several of the most depraved and powerful conqueror and warlords from across the galaxy to serve him in exchange for helping them fulfill their greatest desires of power or revenge the star fleet became disbanded after thanos him self death after finally gaining the six infinity stones.

Members Edit

Leader Edit

Agents of Thanos Edit

Mercenaries or loyal followers of Thanos.

Inhumans Edit

The Inhumans are experimented humans that become super powered individuals. The Inhuman Prince Maximus made a deal to share the Earth, but secretly Maximus plans to wipe out all those who stand in their way.

Skrulls Edit

The Skrulls are a race of shapeshifting aliens which are enemies of the Kree and allies of Thanos.


AIM (Allied Organization) Edit

After freeing Red Skull from his imprisonment in Jotunheim, Red Skull agreed to form an alliance with Thanos, so that Thanos would claim the universe and the Red Skull would claim earth. Loki later returned Red Skull to earth while he still had the space stone. Red Skull went on to incorporate himself into the US government and reclaim his title as main head of HYDRA. He also reports to Thanos the current status of the infinity stones and heroes on Earth.

  • Red Skull (Leader)
  • Various Operatives (see page)

Ultron Program Edit

As Ultron was still connected to the internet, he set up a sub program to hack into a experimentally long range satellite to spread his program throughout the universe. He thought he was dead, however one of his signals reached Thanos who then agreed to upgrade Ultron in exchange for Earth's defenses statistics.

Dark Elves Edit

With the Infinity Gauntlet and stones in his possession Thanos used them to resurrect the Dark Elves and use them in his quest to conquer the Universe.

Other Members

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