The Hood
The Hood - By Tsabo6
Vital statistics
Position Member of The Cabal
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5' 10"
Weight 75 Kilograms

Starting out as a petty thief, Parker Robbins broke into a deserted factory with his cousin one night and discovered an ancient relic used by the dreaded Dormammu to tether himself to Humans and therefore establish a presence on the Earthly plain of reality. After touching the relic, Parker became the pawn of Dormammu, becoming more and more a slave to his darkness. It was not until after Doctor Strange's victory over him that Dormammu called upon Parker to serve his dark power. Parker began creating a name for himself in the criminal community, building a network of gangs that would become his crew, making Parker becoming addicted to the power and respect.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Parker Robbins' father Arthur was under the employ of Wilson Fisk during the Kingpin's initial reign as the head of crime in New York City, while his mother was confined to a mental institution. One night, Arthur left to do his night job for Fisk and would never come home. Arthur was labeled as presumed deceased by the authorities and the teenage Parker was left to fend for himself. He mostly stayed with his pregnant girlfriend Sara, and often worked with his cousin John to earn quick money on the streets. One day, John and Parker were tipped off that an old factory formerly under the control of the Yakuza, had been deserted along with ancient artifacts supposedly worth millions.

Finding the Hood Edit

Seeing on opportunity, Parker and John go to the factory to check out the objects that the "Yakuza" left behind. Unfortunately, by the time they got there the factory had been stripped clean of valuables, leaving behind nothing but signs of an intense struggle with an unknown assailant. What transpired there was the terrorist organization called the Hand were housing ancient relics that could prove vital in the war to come. Because the vigilante known as Daredevil was close to discovering their location, as a safety precaution, the Hand fled the factory and took most valuables with them, except one. This one relic would be found by Parker who found a crate with Japanese writing on it, he then opened the crate to discover the contents. It was there that Parker discovered a red cloth, which when he made physical contact would change his life forever.

Upon touching the red cloth, Parker began to see a fiery figure before him with purple yes and a deep voice, and by the time that Parker was brought back to reality the cloth had merged itself with Parker's flesh and blood. For over a year, Parker would have nightmares of this demonic being, a being who was in fact the dreaded Dormammu. Dormammu had centuries if not thousands of years prior left behind on Earth a material which when bonded to a Human could allow Dormammu to maintain a presence in the dimension of Earth. In February of 2017, when Dormammu was cast out by Doctor Strange, he thought it time to call upon his former Earth tether and use it to wreck havoc in the name of darkness. The weeks following Doctor Strange's victory over Dormammu, Parker began to receive power from the Dark Dimension, allowing him to perform various mystical acts, and causing Parker to delve deeper into darkness which in the process corrupted Parker's soul.

Powers and Abilities Edit

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