Vital statistics
Position -God of HYDRA
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6' 4"
Weight 230 lbs
Tiboro is a Inhuman Sorcerer who was banished from our world, but inadvertently freed by Doctor Strange.

Biography Edit

Tiboro was an Inhuman born thousands of years ago and worshiped as a great leader of a Peruvian tribe, Tiboro became so powerful that some said he ruled the entire world at one point. He harnessed the power of lightning, creating an electroplasmic ray to rule his world. He was banished from Earth to another realm known as the Sixth Dimension, and his great civilization collapsed. His followers that had been left behind, joined a growing cult of humans who worshiped god's who brought order through chaos which would later be known as HYDRA.

To orchestrate his return to Earth, Tiboro managed to maintain his link to Earth when he buried an object called the Screaming Idol. When the Idol was discovered it was brought to a lab at Culver University. When it was dusted, two scientists were sucked into the idol. Doctor Strange then investigated the event and discovered that it was Tiboro's work and then using his magic, Strange traveled to the sixth dimension to take back the archaeologists. Tiboro then took advantage of Doctor Strange's good will, so when he opened the portal for him to return, Tiboro followed and after realizing what he had done, Strange called upon his sorcerers as well as his wife Clea to defeat him before he could rule again.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Tiboro is a powerful magician who can create portals between his realm and Earth, create flying discs for personal transportation, and attack others with powerful energy blasts. Within his own realm he had complete control of all inanimate matter.

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