Toro 3

Thomas Raymond was born the son of two scientists both exposed to poisonous amounts of radiation, because of this he was born with immunity to fire. His parents then nicknamed him "Toro," the Spanish word for bull, as a private joke, in memory of the bullfights they had seen on their honeymoon. Thomas's mother theorized that some form of recessive "Inhuman" gene helped Thomas's immunity to fire.

One day the Raymond's home was invaded by Firebrand a super villain who uses a suit which produces fire blasts. He was ordered by HYDRA to and force Raymonds father to develop new means by which HYDRA could use radiation for crime. The Human Torch, who had been watching the Raymond's home, suspecting that HYDRA would contact such a noted authority on radiation, broke in and captured the HYDRA thugs, although Firebrand escaped. In order to ensure that the Raymond's would not be a threat, Firebrand burned their house down killing Thomas's parents. Because of Thomas's immunity to fire he was spared and the Human Torch managed to get him to safety before HYDRA could sweep the house for survivors. Upon making contact with the robot's Horton Cells, Thomas's dormant Inhuman gene took hold and he gained powers.

Wanting to avenge his parents death's at the hands of HYDRA, Thomas then went on the path to become a Super Hero and eventually became a member of the Avengers.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Chemical Transformation: After suffering from Terrigenesis, it was revealed Toro has the ability to subconsciously create chemical and elemental transformations in his body, and the air next to him. It was initially believed he had the ability of fire generation and control, but this was due to his latent Inhuman gene being agitated, and when Toro first saw the Human Torch, he subconsciously duplicated his ability to engulf himself in flames.

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