OHTMUStorpedo andymacdonald

Torpedo by Andy MacDonald

Brock Jones, was a former professional football player, who donned the Torpedo Armor at the request of a dying Michael Stivak, the former Torpedo, and eventually used its technology for good. Jones was one of a group of adventurers who joined the Defenders.

Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

  • Torpedo Armor:
    • It can generate intense bursts of energy from the various parts of his armor.
    • The chest armor can produce a Unibeam(A powerful searchlight, capable of projecting beams in virtually every light spectrum. Also used as a powerful weapon that can destroy anything in its path.), similar to Iron-man's armor.
    • The gauntlets could also release beams of energy, which like the chest armor could create powerful blinding/dazzling flash, to releasing a powerful concussive beams of energy, the suit could also sling the bolts of laser energy at opponents, as well as deflect energy through the specialized gauntlets on his arms.
    • The suit is also able to produce an anti-gravity platform disk that enables the user to fly.

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