Buck Chisholm is a highly skilled HYDRA assassin under the alias Trick-shot. While undercover at SHIELD, he taught Hawkeye how to use a bow and arrows.

Abilities Edit

  • Master Archer: Trick Shot possesses no superhuman powers, but is a world-class marksman and expert in archery.

Weapons Edit

He uses a compound bow to fire arrows, many of which have been outfitted with gimmick weaponry. Such effects include:

  • Circling arrows which can turn up to 360 degrees to hit targets around corners or from behind. 
  • Entangling arrows which explodes on contact, releasing a net.
  • Flame arrows which burst into flame as they streak through the air. 
  • Gas arrows which release knock-out gas on contact.
  • Hypodermic arrows which delivers knock-out or other drugs on contact. 
  • Razor arrows often used in his assassinations. 
  • Smoke arrows which fills an area with intense, blinding smoke. 

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