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Ulysses Klaue was a black market arms dealer, operating from a scrapyard on the coast of Africa, and an old acquaintance of Tony Stark he also became a associate of n jobu who attempted to expose the secrets of wakanda to the world in return for a massive stock pile of a raw indestructible metal called vibranium. When Ultron came in search of vibranium, he tracked down Klaue with the maximoff twins. After transferring billions of dollars to Klaue's account, Klaue took note of Ultron quoting Stark and realized he was a creation of Stark. Ultron took offense and amputated Klaue's left arm as a punishment. As the Avengers arrive on scene, Klaue then ordered his men to open fire on both sides as he made his escape.

Klaue later used the money that Ultron gave him to develop a device mounted on what was his left arm.that was capalbe of producing blasts of sound and built him sled a suit to contain it. Klaue later took the name Klaw and went so for as to become an enemy of Black Panther and ally of the Masters of Evil. One day however klaw decided to steal all of the vibranium from wakanda directly from the mountain under ground and formed a partnership with the spider slayer who used his connection to hydra to get them in promising a large cut of his money in return but as the shipping begun black panther arrived and gave them one chance to surrender when they refused a massive gun fight emerged when they were starting to overwhelm him iron man and ant man appeared having detached a built up in the vibranium and as ulysses used his prosthetic device to blast them back smythe double crossed him intending to take it all and sell for the highest bidder and blasted him off the platform but caused him to fall on to the mound and his suit was destroyed and klaw transformed in to a massive creature made of pure sound driving him mad and subdued smythe and his robots in retaliation and started releasing deafening sound waves across all of wakanda unable to hurt him directly ant man having witnessed klaw mutation realised his sound form was projected from his emitter and the only way to stop him was to contain it with what created it vibranium so while panther distracted him iron man flew in to the sound being and used the vibranium to contain the device causing his body to disappear and enabling the vibranium to absorb klaw mind he was than locked away in a secure shield facility while the spider slayer was returned to prison.


Klaue soon escaped and began working for Erik killmonger who was really n boju son to collect more vibranium weaponry whilst being hunted by black panther and he was eventually captured by the CIA after an extensive conflict in busan but killmonger rescued klaw though he ultimately betrayed him and shoot klaue in the head killing the ruthless black market arms dealer and he used his body to enter wakanda.

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  • Sound Converter: Klaw wears a prosthetic device composed of molybdenum steel which contains a miniature version of his sound converter machine. The artificial hand is attached to his sound/mass body by as yet unknown means. Klaw activates the circuitry of the device by pseudo-cybernetic commands.