Gunther Bain, otherwise known as Unus the Untouchable, is a Gifted wrestler whose super-ability allows him to generate a powerful force-field around his body that can deflect objects and attacks, even deflecting telepathic attacks. He is currently part of Max Eisenhardt's gathering of rogue Inhumans and Gifted determined to bring forth liberation and recognition for their kind by any means necessary.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Repulsion Field: invisible psionic field around himself. This field could deflect and stop objects or projectiles. He could also use this field to move or push people or things. He could mentally control the field and make it as thick or as thin as he wished. He could even open a portion of the field to grab items or hit people. The limits of the field had not yet been determined, although it was shown to withstand direct hits from an enraged Hulk.