Justice 3

As a young man, Vance Astro. enlisted for services in the Nova Corps. During his time as a soldier it was discovered he was the descendant of a Xandarian captured by the Kree during the war and experimented on. It was later revealed that he had the same ability to achieve Superpowers such as Inhumans. While investigating one of the Kree Empire's illegal activites he discovered old terrigen crystals, and when he was exposed he gained superpowers. Agents of Thanos later appeared and attempted to ceaze control of the Crystals for his own purposes. He was saved by the efforts of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Afterwards he learned to control his abilities and took on the code name Justice. He then became a member of the Guardians.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Telekinesis: generate a psychokinetic nimbus of energy and direct it to grasp his body or other objects and lift them into the air, apply pressure to matter so that it moves in any direction, or make the nimbus into a solid force field. Able to levitate and manipulate objects with his mind. By using his ability on himself, he is capable of flying with great speed and maneuverability, and can carry other people and masses aloft with him. In addition to more complex or subtle operations, he can channel his power into basic feats such as defensive screen or blasts of tremendous force.

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