Vanguard - by 133art

Nikolai Krylenko, is the son of a nuclear physicist who was accidentally irradiated during an experiment involving Darkforce. When the mother died during childbirth, Nikolai's father was told that his son and his twin sister had died as well. The infants actually survived the radiation as a result of their mother being one of the High Evolutionary's first test subjects when she was a infant. They were then taken into custody by the state and, when their superhuman abilities first manifested in adolescence, were turned over to Professor Piotr Phobos who had been studying the theories of Gifted individuals for most of his life. After being given the codename Vanguard, Nikolai studied at the academy alongside his sister Laynia , codenamed Darkstar, and trained to become a government agent.

When the Terrigen Mist was released into the ecosystem, Nikolai's power evolved and he was discovered to be one of the High Evolutionary's Artificial Inhumans. The facility in which he had been training for most of his life was then attacked by Max's Brotherhood, who saw to recruit him and his sister. However they were stopped by the Avengers who were also searching for the new transformed individuals. With the program he was apart of now in shambles he agreed to become a member of the Avengers.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Vanguard is a Artificial Inhuman who possesses a force field that repels virtually all electromagnetic and kinetic energy. By using a specially designed armor covering his body, Nikolai could redirect any energy repelled by his natural force field. The full potential of his powers had not been tested. He displayed the ability to fly by repelling the Earth.

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