Telford in his standard black clothing

Telford Porter is a powerful teleporter with the ability to move himself and passengers across the planet in a single jump, he gained his powers after undergoing Terrigenisis and gaining the alias the Vanisher.He then became a member of Magneto's brotherhood.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Teleportation: Vanisher possesses the psionic ability of Teleportation. He is able to teleport both himself and a certain amount of additional mass over an unknown maximum distance almost instantly. It is believed that Vanisher traverses a variety of extra-dimensional points when teleporting, consciously determining his point of return. The entire process occurs so quickly that Vanisher is usually unaware of traveling through another dimension. Vanisher's teleportational range and the amount of mass he could teleport with himself remain unknown. He was known to be able to travel from southern California to China in a single teleport with as many as eight passengers.

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