Venom - By liquid-venom
Vital statistics
Position Member of the Masters of Evil
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6' 3"
Weight 118 kilograms
Eddie Brock was a man whose life took these drastic changes, and overwhelmed by his shame and the knowledge of his impending death, he decided to consider suicide. Visiting Our Lady of Saints Church to beg forgiveness from God for this mortal sin, however he had no knowledge that Spider Man was planning to be rid of a alien parasite that latched onto him. As the symbiote separated from Spider-Man it made its way to brock on which it fed on him. The symbiote merged mentally and physically with Brock, whose bubbling hatred for Spider-Man was equaled by the symbiote's, and so they vowed revenge against him as the super villain Venom.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Eddie Brock was the first individual to truly bond with the symbiote, seeing as Peter Parker did not allow it to complete the process, gaining many of the same powers Spider-Man possessed in conjunction with the symbiote's natural abilities.

Black Symbiotic Costume: The alien costume, which had grafted itself to the nervous system of Eddie Brock, somehow absorbed the powers of Spider-Man during its brief symbiotic relationship with him. These powers had been transferred to Brock, so long as he wore the costume, and combined with Eddie's natural bulk made Venom physically stronger than Spider-Man. The symbiote also kept Brock's cancer in check until they separated. Ultimately the costume's influence hurt more than helped Brock's psyche, and when he finally realized this himself he decided to auction it. The symbiote grants Eddie the following powers:

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Speed, Agility, and Reflexes
  • Accelerated Healing Factor
  • Webbing Generation
  • Wall-Crawling
  • Offspring Detection
  • Genetic Memory
  • ESP (Spider-Sense)
  • Immunity to Spider-man's Spider Sense
  • Constituent Matter Generation
  • Camouflage Capabilities
  • Stretching and deforming
  • Poisonous Fangs

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