Vielfras - By the Aaron Sims Company
Vital statistics
Position Slave of Mephisto

Member of the Secret Warriors

Age Unknown
Status Undead
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Henrik Weber was a sixteen-year-old boy who lived in Winzeldorf, Germany. A short time ago, Henrik became romantically attached to a gypsy girl named Trista. Any chance of a relationship between the two however was dashed when Trista caught Henrik in the arms of another woman.

Overwrought with guilt, Henrik went to Trista's home to apologize to her family for his slight, her unforgiving grandmother threw a crystal which had been in the family for centuries at Henrik. This crystal would turn out to be a Terrigen Crystal and Henrik would be a Inhuman who upon making contact with the mist the crystal would generate when shattered. After transforming and emerging from his cocoon, Henrik was transformed into a rage-filled monster. Henrik's own father, weak of heart, was so shocked at seeing his son's transformation that he died on the spot.

Rumors of the creature's existence began to circulate throughout Winzeldorf and the villagers began to refer to him as Vielfras. The villagers did not know that Vielfras was actually Henrik and they blamed him for his own death and that of his father, as well as two missing children.

Upon learning of the rumors surrounding this creature and his power, the SHIELD team designated Secret Warriors was sent to aid the citizens of Winzeldorf, to rid the town of this creature. The Warriors first encountered Vielfras at the Town's Museum, and managed to drive him off into the forest.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Superhuman Pysiology:
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Strength