Heather Hudson is a member of Alpha Flight who has a suit of armor.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

Electromagnetic suit

  • Supersonic flight
  • The ability to let gravity propel the suit westward at a high speed. The visual effect is confusable with teleportation and/or cloaking. It is most effective when used close to Earth's magnetic poles.
  • Body armor
  • Protective forcefield which automatically triggered if the anti-gravity ability was used
  • Flares
  • Ultrasound
  • Concussive electromagnetic beams
  • Electromagnetism for 'dispersal beams', electrostatic charges and other effects
  • Ability to lift objects via 'graviton beam'
  • Limited ability to generate and control plasma, often in the form of a funnel or vortex
  • Able to interface with computers

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