Whiz kid

The Woman who would become Whiz Kid was originally an intern at an accounting firm. After gaining speed powers, Whiz Kid was discovered by SHIELD and labeled as a candidate for the Young Avengers program. The original Whizzer saw that Whiz Kid had similar powers and because of this began to train her. After her training was complete, she recieved an advanced suit of armor which would be equipped with a set of visors and protection from harm such as knives and gunfire.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Whiz Kid ran faster than 30,000 mph, sufficient to cross the US in minutes and run on water, with limited superhuman strength (lifting roughly 1000 lbs.). Her enhanced stamina allowed her to maintain speed for hours and she was adept at circling to create cyclones.

Equipment Edit

Whiz Kid wears a helmet with a full-face visor and a highly advanced bodysuit.

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