Jackson while his molecules are completley seperated

Jackson Arvad was an AIM scientist who became Will o’ the Wisp after an accident caused his molecular structure to change, allowing him to control it at will.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Will O' The Wisp possesses the power to exert conscious control over the sub-atomic electromagnetic particles that carry the force of attraction between the molecules of his body. This enables him to control his density, granting him such powers as superhuman strength, flight, and intangibility. Mentally willing himself to his maximum density, he can make his flesh and substance as hard as the mineral feldspar. At this density, his muscles become denser and stronger, granting him superhuman strength. Will O' The Wisp can maintain this state of density for about 10 minutes before fatigue forces him to let up. Mentally willing himself to his minimum density, Will O' The Wisp allows a non-critical number of random molecules to oscillate at a small distance from his body, granting him intangibility (unlike the Vision, who shunts his excess molecules extradimensionally, Will O' The Wisp disperses them omnidirectionally in this dimension). The process of dispersing his molecules produces a bright, sparkling light.

Will O' The Wisp can also selectively solidify parts of his body. For example, he can keep his arm solid while making the rest of his body intangible. By creating a short, highly accelerated oscillation of the energy states in the molecules of his chest, he can cause a dazzling light that gives him various degrees of hypnotic control over those who witness it, depending upon the person's susceptibility.

Will O' The Wisp can fly by becoming lighter than air and expelling excess molecules in a single direction behind him, causing him to be propelled forward. When he travels faster than 5 miles per hour, the expenditure of molecular energy causes him to give off so much light that he appears to be an ethereal glowing sphere. Will O' The Wisp can fly at a maximum speed of 90 miles per hour, and because he is intangible while flying, he is not deterred by solid obstacles. It is not known how many molecules are needed to accelerate him at his maximum speed, whether he can replenish "shed" molecules, or if there is a limit to how many he can expel before doing himself injury.

In addition to his molecular powers, the Will O' The Wisp can mesmerize people into performing certain simple acts. To do so, he disperses molecules from the vicinity of his chest emblem, causing it to glow brightly. For reasons not fully revealed, gazing into this light puts the looker into a highly suggestible hypnotic trance, susceptible to the Wisp's commands. This hypnotic state generally lasts ten to thirty minutes, depending upon the subject's mental state and the length of exposure to the light.

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