Wraith 4


Zak-Del was a high ranking member of the Kree Military whom earned the title Wraith. When the time of the Nova-Kree peace treaty came he was one of the supporters of the peace treaty. Upon Ronan's slaughtering of innocent colonies and the Kree Empire's refusal to help the Nova core Zak left the military and went on to assist the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Kree Physiologoy grants Zak the following abilities.

Superhuman Strength: A Kree warrior has twice the strength of a human of a similar age, height, and build.

Superhuman Durability: Kree are very durable, while not bulletproof they are still fully capable of shrugging of hits from beings as powerful as Captain America effortlessly and are presumed to be capable of surviving much stronger hits.

Superhuman Endurance: A Kree warrior has twice the endurance of a human with similar training.

Superhuman Stamina: A Kree warrior has twice the stamina of a human with similar training.

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