Vital statistics
Position Evil Sorcerer
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Variable
Weight Variable
Xander Blake, otherwise known by his stage name of Xandu, was a minor practitioner of magic when he met a woman named Melinda Morrison. They began a relationship, but Melinda was afflicted with mystical energy released in one of Xandu's ceremonies. She was caught between life and death, and Xandu vowed to revive her.

In his studies, Xandu learned of the Wand of Watoomb and believed it could save Melinda. When his mesmerized thugs tried to steal the wand from Doctor Strange, they were opposed by Spider-Man as well. He tried to banish Spidey to another dimension, but Spider-Man snagged the Wand with a web-line before tumbling through the portal. When Xandu's thugs returned Spider-Man and the Wand, but Strange was active again by this point and defeated Xandu, supposedly removing his mystical knowledge.

Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

Wand of Watoomb

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