Xenmu the Titan was one of several inmates on an "exile world" until he snuck past several guards and onto a supply ship. The hijacked craft was only capable of bearing him half of the way home, he then had no choice but to land the ship in Thanos's Sancutary. Thanos then found Xemnu and after Xemnu attempted to control Thanos, he forced Xemnu against a wall. Seeing Xemnu as a potentially powerful ally he was then forced to serve Thanos.

Xemnu eventually made his way to earth where he would fight the Hulk. After a lengthy battle, Xemnu then left the planet, and after he did some of his spilled blood was used in the creation of the Wendigo.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Xemnu is capable of projecting hypnotic rays, which can penetrate most materials and be projected over great distances (large enough to encompass the Earth), although the range seems to be dependent on Xemnu's absorbed energy. These rays make exposed individual obedient to his will, and even makes them view Xemnu as a wise and benevolent leader. Contact with Xemnu's body can grant immunity from his hypnotic rays. Xemnu also seems to be able to command normally inanimate machinery.

Xemnu is capable of reforming himself from scattered atoms by taking over a host body. This victim seems to gradually become his new body, similar in appearance and to his old body, and not just a temporary host.

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